Another One Bites the Dust…

Just when I thought Rudy had outgrown being a “puppy,” within 24 hours, he blatantly made me aware I was wrong. I literally had a conversation with Craig Tuesday night about how Rudy seemed to be calming down, eating like a normal dog (and not inhaling his food), and just generally being a better behaved little dog.

And then we got home from work on Wednesday.

eaten boot

Yep, that is a boot. Or rather, it was a boot. You’ll notice that there is nothing but a very durable Nylabone in his kennel otherwise. We used to give him blankets and towels to snuggle with, until he started ingesting them. So, for his own safety, we took them away. Myles gets run of the house because he isn’t destructive, but Rudy has to be on ‘lock down’ while we are at work. When we took the blankets away we started giving them both a Kong toy filled with peanut butter and it made me feel better about leaving Rudy in such a ‘harsh’ environment all day. It worked great for about a month and a half and then Rudy started ingesting the Kong. Again, not good for him, so we took those away, too. I don’t feel bad leaving him in his kennel anymore, because if he could behave himself better (or if Craig or I could find a way to train him to not be bored/anxious) he could have run of the house with Myles.

I am usually really conscious about what is around his kennel, seriously. Because when we first took the blankets away, we draped it over the top as to give him a greater sense of security. But, then he figured out how to pull the blanket in off the top or in the sides and continue to eat it. So, I know he is crafty. I don’t recall exactly where this boot was lying when we left, but apparently it was close enough for him to grab and destroy/eat.

I couldn’t really be mad at him. Ultimately, it was my fault. Plus, doesn’t this face say “I’m sorry.”


…sorry the picture quality isn’t super hot, iPhone quality in a poorly lit room.
Good thing he is so darn cute and has such a hold on my heart!



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