Ph.D. or JD?

I think the past week, my life’s plan has changed no less than 3 times. First, working towards my Ph.D. in Educational Policy and Leadership. Second, Interdisciplinary Ph.D., combining law and higher education. Third, back to an idea of earning a JD. And finally, back to an Interdisciplinary doctorate. Okay, that was four – I guess I’m a bigger mess than I care to acknowledge.

After I spoke to someone in the law school about the Interdisciplinary, I was left with the impression it would be possible, albeit very difficult to get law courses in as a student not seeking a JD. After talking with my boss, he thought based on my interests I might be best off getting my JD. I wasn’t crazy about it, but saw his point. However, my heart is definitely in higher education and I thought a JD would be pigeon-holing me a bit; not to mention I have NO desire what-so-ever to practice as an attorney.

I’ve been discouraged time and time again from pursuing my Ph.D. in EDPL – so I’ve totally abandoned that idea. At least one thing is off the table. Earning my JD would be taking the “easy” way out, in my opinion. Don’t give me wrong, I know it will be a lot of work, but the everything is laid out for you. Take this, then this…and do some research. With the interdisciplinary, I would be responsible for creating my course of study, organizing my committee, writing my dissertation proposal and having it all approved before they will even ADMIT me to officially being work towards it. Holy cats.

So, for today, I think Interdisciplinary it is. If I am going to take the time, energy, and brain power to achieve a terminal degree, it better darn well be exactly what I want it to be. I guess the best way to ensure that is to create it yourself.



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