More Birthday

I enjoyed another birthday-celebrating-filled weekend. On Saturday, Craig went out of town to visit his family. His hometown is quite some distance from where we are living, so he was gone all day. Surprisingly, I really enjoyed my day alone. It was so quiet! I rarely watch TV unless I am with Craig, so the TV stayed off all day. Quite peaceful not having a living room filled with Call of Duty gunfire, Pandora music, and wrestling dogs. You see, Craig can’t just have ONE thing going on at any given time, it’s usually at least two. Typically, it’s his COD game, music, and getting the dogs all worked up. SO.MUCH.NOISE. In addition to the quiet that was due to the lack of TV or music, the dogs are so much more calm without ‘dad’ around to mess with them.

Saturday, I had a group of friends over for a Mexican-themed dinner party/game night. I found a fantastic crock pot chicken fajita recipe, that I will have to post when I can get a picture of the results. Everyone volunteered to bring something to contribute and I knew that since I was hosting I should take on the “hard” part, the main dish. Knowing I’d be a crazy person trying to clean and such, I knew I needed a crock pot recipe of some sort. Google search to the rescue! I took a chance making something I hadn’t made before, but I think I knocked it out of the park! So delicious a friend asked me for the recipe. I’m just sad I couldn’t claim it as my own original creation. To finish up our theme for the night there was also some strawberry margarita cupcakes (I had a hard time stopping at just 2 of those babies!), as well as guacamole and chips and salsa. My friends also came bearing some additional birthday gifts – they sure know how to make a girl feel spoiled!

Birthday Bootie

After eating, we enjoyed a variety of games – Bananagrams, Things, Battle of the Sexes to name a few. Craig isn’t a huge game person, so this was the perfect opportunity to get some of it out my system!

How much do you love my princess hat!?

How much do you love my princess hat!?

Craig got home pretty late and after at least 7 hours of driving, he was a party pooper. I didn’t mind, I definitely know what it’s like to HAVE to socialize after a day like that. He went up to bed and we finished up our fun and games.

On Sunday, we didn’t have a single thing planned, so I spent the day crafting and baking. I received a beautiful scarf in the cutest box from a girlfriend and I knew that I needed to find a purpose to keep that box. If it doesn’t have a purpose, Craig insists we toss it. I can be a bit of a pack rat! Here is what I came up with:


How much fun is that? Totally functional and SO stinkin’ cute. I get a weird sense of accomplishment when I can organize something and still have it look nice. Some of my favorite blogs to follow are the ones that incorporate style into their organizing. To finish it up, I obviously had to create a few homemade cards to add to the stash.

My first baking project of the day was an epic fail. My intention was to make a mint chocolate chip cake to take for my coworkers for my birthday. Now, let me start by saying that we haven’t been in this new house that long, but in that time I have figured out that I need to reduce baking time because apparently that little old oven is a POWER baker. Despite reducing the time, my chocolate cakes still got pretty crispy (and leaving my house smelling like burnt chocolate, ew). I felt defeated and frustrated that I had spent so much time making them from scratch. Thankfully, I don’t hold food to the same standard when Craig is the only one eating it, so I cut off the burnt edges and still finished it.

mint cake

It was okay, a little dry, but definitely edible. After an emergency run to the grocery store, I ended up making some fantastic sugar cookie bars. I got more than one compliment on them. I’ll take it!

And that, my friends, officially ends the week-long birthday celebration. For a girl that hates being the center of attention, I can’t say I’m too sad for it to be over!


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