King Louie

Last night after work, I headed straight to grandma’s house! She just returned from snow-birding in Arizona and my aunt that lives there full-time was back to help her get settled in. Unfortunately, there is still PLENTY of snow on the ground and the 7-day forecast doesn’t predict any temperature over 35 degrees. I doubt this is what she had in mind when she was returning to “springtime.”

Kelsey came to join us as well – I can even being to say how nice it is to have my kid sister living in the same state as me. We all enjoyed dinner together and catching up over some of the small details that happened over the winter months. Though we talk occasionally when grandma is gone, it isn’t nearly as much as we do when she is back “home.” One of the biggest highlights of my night was meeting her new dog, Louie. Right before Christmas, grandma lost her first little white fluff, Cloud. He was a great dog for her, but I have no doubt that Louie will be just as great! He is super sweet and already fully potty trained, BONUS! Not to mention, he resembles Cloud quite a bit; no doubt a match made in heaven!

Grandma, Louie & Kelsey

Grandma, Louie & Kelsey

This week has been INSANE. I’m very much looking forward to a low-key Friday night. Heck, you’ll probably find me in bed around 9:30. Lame. But necessary. SO necessary. Tomorrow I will be a lean, mean, cleaning machine! I’m wayy looking forward to welcoming some of my closet friends into my new home for a Mexican themed dinner party/game night.




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