Birthday Resolution

Beginning to blog was/is my birthday resolution. In a sense, this is my “new year.” Well, my birthday was 2 days ago and I haven’t had the time to get anything hammered out. I’ve been a busy, busy bee. And since I’ve been so busy, I don’t have any fun recipes to share, but I do have some other fun things to share. Excuse my iPhone/Instagram photography…

On Sunday, my sister and I ran a Shamrock Shuffle. We originally signed up to run the 10K, but since the frigid winter weather has hindered our running (and we HATE treadmills), we ended up opting for the 5K. This is the second time I’ve done this particular race. Honestly, it was over-crowded and not nearly as well-run as the event I ran a couple years ago, but it was still a good time. We never got warm, but it was great to get out into the sunshine and get lots of fresh air.


Tuesday was my birthday. I’m not a huge birthday person any more. I hate being the center of attention. I have no idea how I got through my wedding day! But, anyway. Craig treated me to some sushi (my favorite!!), my sister came to town to join us, and we met up with a very favorite couple of ours, Tom and Lindsey. My only picture to share is that of the b-e-a-utiful pictures my very best friend sent me from Denver. Thanks, Allie Rose!


Last night, Craig and I went to see a favorite artist of mine, Ryan Bingham. My dad actually introduced him to me a couple years ago. Kels and I were in Texas for Thanksgiving and my dad randomly bought tickets for us to see him at La Zona Rosa in Austin. I’d never heard of him, but was instantly hooked on his music. I have three of his albums that I LOVE, though I’m not lovin’ his most recent one. I was nervous I wouldn’t enjoy the show as much, but he didn’t fail to impress me! He mostly played his “old” stuff, much to my delight! This was my third time seeing his show and I doubt it will be the last. So, so much talent.


And tonight, I’m headed out of town for a bit to see my grandma and aunt. Grannie was in Arizona all winter, so I’m excited to get a big hug from her! I rarely see my aunt, so that, of course, will be lovely, too. My grandma also got a new doggie, so I’m excited to meet the newest member of the family clan!

Needless to say, my gas tank is at about empty. BUT, I know all too well to not have enough to do (as I experienced in Tennessee!), so I don’t mind one bit!




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